Inspiring creativity through business collaboration

City centered coworking

The idea of coworking has fundamentally changed where and how we work. At Stargate Workstation, we don’t design a fixed single space. We design different environments that cater to a range of human behaviour and their different needs at different times. We enable you to do what you love in collaborative spaces, where each member empowers another.

Our strategy is your growth

Helping you to achieve is what we do best. Our space is designed to foster innovation and success

Synthesized Community

Your experience is shaped by the people here, so we’re very careful about who joins the community.

High Performing Network

We accelerate business by providing access to like-minded businesses and high value individuals.

Maximum Flexibility

Our memberships are created to meet and accommodate your changing business needs.

Advocating Collaboration

We continuously promote new ways to collaborate, through our events and in person.

Designed around the way you work

We are an industry leader in creating environments that impact well being and productivity.